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Vietnam is one country of 4.000 years civilization. And War Crime museum is tourist attraction places of Vietnam tourism. Nowadays, “Open Policy” and mighty landscape attract more travelers to visit our country. Vietnam now is also considered as one of the most secure destinations in all Area

The way Vietnam has emerged from the tatters of long battles could be compared to the process of a lotus plant fascinating place that offers lasting memories and eternal images

Water buffalos and green rice fields, bustling and colorful markets, elegant women dresses in traditional “Ao dai” dress and conical hats, cycle bikes weaving through manic streets and quiet lanes, fine skills and obliging tailor… and more. And then there’s the incredible range of delicious food-sure to delight even the most exacting gourmet! Visitors just love everything about Vietnam.

Visitors can cruise amongst the magnificent limestone peaks of Ha Long Bay, trek through rugged and remote hill tribe areas, explore ancient and modern cities, laze on idyllic beaches. Laugh with village children or navigate the intricate waterways of the Mekong Delta

Vietnam has plenty of natural beauty to quench the thirst of anyone for adventure. Especially the visitors will be most impress by its wonderful people living on boats, in still houses or crowded cities, its wonderful people living on boats, in still houses or crowded cities, it is their welcoming smiles, eternal good humor and genuine hospitality that quickly puts visitors at ease.

Come to Vietnam – there is something new to discover and experience at every turn!
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